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Virtual Done Well is Engaging

The results are in...

When done well with thought and purpose virtual events are engaging. They have longer lead in and longevity than a live event leading to higher recall on content and knowledge base.

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Zooming isn't enough

Coming together to share ideas, thoughts and discussion is more important than it has ever been. We are all tired of boring Zoom calls. But when virtual events are done well, with creativity, crucial planning, and meticulous attention to the little things, they can elevate a meeting from the boring to the extraordinary.

Virtual Events

Engagement and Technology - Concepts from a recent virtual conference

Wine Tasting Events

Interaction and Networking

Make it fun and interactive by adding networking elements such a Wine and scotch tastings.


Virtual Entertainment Boxes

We will build you virtual entertainment boxes and ship to your clients prior to the event to build engagement and excitement using local companies and products.

Photo Contest Passion Image Memory Word.

Gamification and Contests

Add layers of interaction with leaderboards, caption and photo contests. Exhibitor and Sponsor booths. Everything is possible.

Cooking Class

Cooking Classes

Add cooking classes and send the ingredients, shopping lists and recipe cards

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