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Virtual Meetings Done Well - it's about the engagement

After completing another Virtual Conference, I can attest that the best virtual conference experience includes engagement outside of content. And after spending a large amount of time researching the various platforms available to partner with for a conference at all price points, I decided on one that I thought would work well with my client's goal, which was to provide a true virtual networking experience outside of just great content. Gamification, via leaderboards, passport, photo and caption contests all add layers to the event. Asking your exhibitors to engage via contests, adding videos and hosting meet ups outside of the conference agenda all add to a more engaging "live like" experience. In fact many attendees are not as intimidated interacting when they are in a more comfortable setting like their living room or home office. So if you are looking for a more interactive, complete virtual conference experience, let's discuss some of the existing tools and platforms and how to incorporate them for your next virtual event.

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