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What our Clients Have To Say

For the past 10 years Arbonne has partnered with Strategic Events, putting our confidence in their abilities to execute our National event on-site logistic, over 3 days, with 6000 in attendance.
Our challenge is executing our national event with the small internal team.  Barbara and her team takes on this challenge seamlessly. They understand our culture and are a natural extension.

Hanso Singh CMP

Barbara – Thank you and congratulations for hosting a successful webinar for us! You kept the audience engaged through out the time and it was so seamless. You are very hands-on and supportive. I am glad you came up with this idea in such a unique time! You made this easier for all of us. Our attendees say it was the best Webinar they have ever taken part in.

Gina Maranan

We’re ecstatic with the event and this is all in large part thanks to you.

Craig Skauge

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