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About Barbara

Turning Your Ideas Into Event Euphoria

Barbara McRae is the Chief Euphoria Officer at Strategic Events. She began the company in 2008 after successfully heading up a large corporate events team that oversaw close to 600 events each year with a budget over five million dollars. An avid runner, (though not a good one), Barbara equates planning events to marathons which she has completed four of. It's not just about the race itself; it's the training, preparation, as well as the ups and downs that lead you to that moment of absolute Euphoria.

The Team at Strategic Events

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There is no better team out there! We are a group of multi-lingual experienced planners. Always thinking 5 steps ahead, to ensure a great program. We are simply an extension of your team. Creating Event Euphoria for all of our events.


Euphoria can be described as a heightened, exaggerated, or extremely positive sense of happiness or well-being. It is considered to represent an abnormally extreme degree of happiness or contentment beyond that which occurs in normal emotional responses.

Organizing events can be overwhelming and stressful. We want to make them Euphoric! As your partner, our mission is to create an experience for your attendees and your stakeholders that is innovative, productive and strategic in alignment to your goals and objectives.

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